Introducing accuracy and reliability to weather

At last, a weather forecast you can trust.

Based on your exact location our app tells you :
When precipitation will start. Its intensity. When it will end.
By the minute.

SkyMotion is the leading nowcasting
technology in North America.

Experience SkyMotion

Free on all platforms

Tells you exactly when it’s going to rain
Unique forecasts for every 0.6 square mile
Scans all precipitation clouds in real-time
Tracks snow, hail, ice pellets, freezing rain
Innovative integration of ground-level observations

Integrate our Nowcasting Solution

Our nowcasting solution is available for businesses, advertisers, professional and government institutions, and individuals who make weather sensitive decisions daily.

From farming, GPS systems to mobile ads, SkyMotion serves an infinite number of industries.

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Improve Your Weather Broadcasts

SkyMotion Research is breaking the weather forecasting mold to perfect it. We provide weather stations, televisions and radio broadcasting station with our nowcasting data.

Easy integration: our technology can easily be integrated through our API.

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Nowcast on the Web

Use our web application to access our technology on your desktop or mobile device.

Nowcast will be launched instantly
with the provided location.

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How SkyMotion is solving many of weather forecasting’s longstanding problems

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Customer Care

Do you have questions about Sky Motion Research’s latest developments or our applications?
Sky Motion Research provides customer care 7 days a week in 4 languages.

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